Check out the gallery above to learn more about Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers.

Last week, TMZ Sports published a video of a reporter running up on Golden State Warriors president of basketball operations Bob Myers and asking him about Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the team to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Myers, like many noteworthy people being randomly approached in the middle of the street by journalists, looked a bit bewildered at first when his name was called. But a moment later he’d collected himself and looked ready for whatever question the reporter had to lob at him.

“What’s your message to KD?” the reporter asked him.

Myers paused for a second before he said, “He was awesome.” He gave a thumbs up to the camera to punctuate his thought. “Appreciate all he did.”

The reporter attempted to ask a follow up question about Klay Thompson, but Myers shrugged him off like a celebrity who’d been in that situation several times before. He handled it like a pro.

That’s likely because it wasn’t the first time that Myers was the subject of press attention.

He’s been on podcasts, Sports Illustrated ran a profile on him in 2016, and the San Francisco Chronicle published one of a few Q&A’s with him earlier this year. Then, after Game 5 of the NBA Finals when Durant ruptured his right Achilles tendon while helping the Warriors to a win over the Toronto Raptors, Myers spoke to reporters at the post game press conference.

He made national headlines for his emotional delivery of the news that Durant was out for the remainder of the series.

Myers, a native of the East Bay who some consider the architect of the Warriors dynasty, is in his ninth year with the team. And, as the San Francisco Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons pointed out, Myers is “charged with charting the path” forward for the Warriors.

But how much do you know about him? Check out the gallery above to find out more about one of the NBA’s most successful executives.

Drew Costley is an SFGATE editorial assistant. Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @drewcostley

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