Costco is beloved by customers for its low prices, wide selection of products and generous return policy. But it’s also a pretty good place to work, especially if you rise to the rank of store manager.

Less than a week after Walmart revealed how much it paid its U.S. store managers, Readers Digest dug up Glassdoor figures on Costco salaries for comparison.

They showed that general managers of the big-box chain make on average $106,000 a year, with top earners clearing $180,000. Warehouse managers can expect a salary of between $52,000 and $146,000.

Assistant managers are paid about $85,000.

Costco is also renowned for its benefit packages, which, as Reader’s Digest notes, can include biannual bonuses, stocks and commissions adding about $7,800 to manager salaries.

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Still, the company has a way to go before it matches the world’s No. 1 retailer in store manager salaries. According to Walmart, its store managers earn $175,000 annually on average.

Meanwhile, the average Walmart worker makes $14.46 per hour, or about $25,000 a year for 34-hour weeks, which is considered full-time at Walmart. That’s not enough to stay above the poverty line for a family of four.

At Costco, the average hourly employee pay is $22.50.

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