It’s no mystery why the Giants let fan favorite Hunter Pence go last year.

An anemic .221 batting average, four home runs and dreadful OPS of .590 — not exactly the numbers you expect out of a position player making $18.5 million.

After 12 years and three championships, time had finally caught up with Pence.

Or had it?

The Texas Rangers signed the Arlington native to a $2 million deal in what was expected to be a reserve role at best. Maybe that fidgety bat still had some pinch hits in it.

Now they’re having trouble keeping him out of the everyday lineup.

It’s a small sample size to be sure, but as of Tuesday Pence was outperforming the entire Giants batting order in almost every major offensive category — and that’s with far fewer at-bats. Here are the comparisons:

Batting average
Best Giant: Steven Dugger — .265
Pence: .316

Home runs
Best Giant: Evan Longoria, Kevin Pillar — 6
Pence: 7

Runs Batted In
Best Giant: Pillar — 21
Pence: 25

On Base Percentage
Best Giant: Brandon Belt — .347
Pence: .389

Best Giant: Pablo Sandoval — .577
Pence: .658

OPS (50 or more at-bats)
Best Giant: Pablo Sandoval — .859
Pence: 1.047

Best Giant: Dugger — 39
Pence: 25 (Note Dugger has nearly twice as many at-bats as Pence)

WAR (Wins Over Replacement)
Best Giant: Dugger and Sandoval — 0.7
Pence: 0.9

Come back, Hunter. Everything about 2018 is forgotten.

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