Juzou the Drunkard is a superb introduction to the bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. He’s MASSIVE, with a large, sweeping sword assault and spews a toxic boozy mist that may kill you nearly as quick. Plus, he’s bought a couple of dozen guards patrolling round him, which makes a head-on assault digital suicide. Particularly so early within the sport, odds are you’re nonetheless adjusting to Sekiro’s troublesome fight model with a personality who doesn’t have many well being or energy upgrades. So right here’s a Sekiro boss walkthrough for Juzou the Drunkard that focuses on stealth and security so you have got each benefit in your aspect if you go toe-to-engorged-drunken-toe with him.

‘Sekiro’ Boss Walkthrough: High Three Issues To Bear in mind In opposition to Juzou the Drunkard

The Red Tea Detox

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1. The stealth deathblow! You may sneak up on him with a deathblow that cuts his life in half. Opening with this made the remainder of the battle a lot simpler, and setting it up is a pleasant fight warm-up. In the event you execute the arrange (beneath) at or close to flawlessly the battle in opposition to him is 100000% simpler.

sekiro boss juzuo drunkard walkthrough guide tips beat kill general This man is fairly weak, however can present a essential distraction as soon as all of the guards are lifeless. From Software program // YouTube

2. The help. There’s an previous common who will assist you to battle. Discover him within the prime proper part of the pond close to a boulder you may grapple onto. Speaking to him instigates an all-out cost in opposition to Juzou. Solely speak to him AFTER you’ve bought the stealth deathblow.

3. The arrange: Killing everyone seems to be a should. It’s tedious, particularly in the event you’re dying again and again. If the pacing bothers you I like to recommend speeding to battle Juzou the primary few occasions simply to get a way of how he strikes and get the button mashing out of your system. However making an attempt to battle Juzou whereas there’s nonetheless guards round to take photographs at you is extremely troublesome. In the event you’re ok to do it, you don’t want this information.

‘Sekiro’ Boss Juzou Walkthrough: Set The Scene For Your Battle By Killing Everybody Else

There are 13 guards within the space round Juzou. After a lot trial and error I discovered I couldn’t come near profitable if I left anybody alive. There at all times appeared to be somebody speeding in on the worst time. Right here’s the order and strategies I used to take them out.

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First man: archer proper across the bend. Rush him fast. Then grapple up above

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Guys 2 – 5: There are 5 guards on patrol complete. Two pairs, and one within the center. From the roof, give attention to the pair that breaks left. Stealth kill one of many two (I desire to take out archers but when heavies provide you with bother go for it). Make fast work of the opposite whereas he’s startled. Then rush the third guard who’s waving his torch. I’ve discovered torch guys are inclined to a thrust (maintain X) so lead with that to get him off steadiness.

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Guys 6 and seven: The opposite pair seen you kill three of their pals. It’s an archer and a heavy. Once more, I am going for archers first as a result of they pester me. Bear in mind to RELAX on the ultimate heavy. Take a step again. Breathe. That is good apply for dodging Juzou in the event you want a warm-up after a couple of failed runs.

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Guys 7 and eight: Sneak to the left aspect of the pond (it is best to see the final however DONT TALK TO HIM YET). Inside a small home you’ll see a lone guard, however watch out. There’s one other guard ready within the blindspot. Sneak in and take out the primary guard, a swordsman, with a stealth/fast kill. Then transfer quick on guard two, a torch swinger. In the event you’re fast you may catch him whereas he’s signaling. In the event you botch right here don’t fear, the opposite guards can’t see the battle.

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Man 8 – 10: After dispatching the torch swinger, sneak out entrance. You’ll see three guards standing in a line in entrance of Juzou, and a row behind him. The entrance row it is advisable to dispatch quietly. Lock on to the guard closest you, a swordsman, and keep way back to you may. Hit him with a shuriken to get his consideration, then scramble into the home. Depart stealth and stand the place he can see you. He’ll chase you into the home, kill him. You may get a bonus placing as quickly as he will get up the steps.

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sekiro boss juzuo drunkard walkthrough guide tips beat kill 5 From Software program // PS4

Then sneak out, and do the very same factor to the following guard, a torch swinger. Shuriken, chase, kill.

For the third guard within the group, sneak into the pond once more. You’ll see two massive rocks in a row that line up with the place the third man, an archer, is standing. Sneak to the primary rock, inch proper and get up. He’ll see you.

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Sneak once more and scurry again to the second rock and get behind it. Prepared a ceramic shard in your stock. The archer will come to examine the primary rock. Smash a shard. Wait. He’ll begin to head in direction of the second, and you’ll sneak across the second rock and get behind him for a stealth kill when he will get uncomfortably shut.

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Guys 11 – 13: To get to the row behind Juzou, it is advisable to lure him away. Head again in direction of the home, get up, and inch your approach nearer to him till he sees you. After you have his consideration sneak again into the home, and observe the bridge till it leads you behind the final row of guards.

sekiro boss juzuo drunkard walkthrough guide tips beat kill 8 Acquired forward of myself and killed them earlier than the screenshot. Sorry! From Software program // PS4

It’s two defend guards and a torch swinger. I stealth kill considered one of them, then take out the opposite two as quick as you may. Juzou might be coming. I like to recommend beginning with the torch swinger, as a result of utilizing the axe on defend guys and following with a deathblow might be the simplest combo within the sport to execute. However you do you, simply do it quick.

‘Sekiro’ Boss Walkthrough: How To Battle (And Win) In opposition to Juzuo


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RUN AWAY! Return up onto the bridge or approach on the opposite aspect of the map. No matter it takes, simply efficiently cover from Juzou. When you do, look forward to him to return to his place in entrance of the gate. B R E A T H E. Then sneak round, by way of the home and bridge, similar to you probably did for the again row of guards. Slowly, very fastidiously, sneak behind Juzou and goal him. When you’re in vary you may execute a stealth kill and get a vital first deathblow. I’ve had him spot me if I went too quick. That is the reward for all of your persistence.

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When you get the primary deathblow, run and speak to the final. Mash X to make the dialogue go sooner. Then get out of the best way. Take a conservative strategy to Juzou, preserving your distance, till he focuses on the final. Then you definately transfer in for a couple of hits when his again is turned, however get out fast. Attempt to hold Juzou’s focus break up between you and the final. A fistful of ash may be helpful, and I discovered the axe did essentially the most posture harm when his again was turned. His poison spew has an enormous wind up as he chugs the liquid, so rush in and get some hits then step dodge 2-3x to get out of the best way of the spray. Juzuo’s massive sword swings may be deflected, however control your posture meter. You may’t take in every little thing.

Like different bosses you’ve confronted, the bottom line is persistence, distance, and choosing your photographs nicely. At this level I can not assist you to, however this arrange bought me to face him with no enemies round, three well being gourds to make use of and one resurrection in reserve. After hours of making an attempt to hurry Juzou and failing I managed to beat him on my second try with this methodology. Sure, it’s time-consuming however in the event you’re fighting the fight early on (and critically who isn’t?) this provides you with ample area to battle and run and heal.

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