Telephone name made on July 16, 2018

Sir Philip: ‘Your lady has been operating about all around the f****** place and I can provide you a listing of loads of the individuals she’s known as on, and she or he’s discovered f*** all. Nothing. Zero.’

Telegraph Reporter Daniel Foggo: ‘Effectively she has discovered one thing. She’s discovered the gadgets I’m placing to you now.’

PG: ‘She’s discovered zero, okay?’

DF: ‘There’s been these very, very costly payouts to individuals who have made claims towards you of sexual and racial discrimination…’

PG: ‘And who says these individuals, who did make these claims, who mentioned they’re appropriate?’

DF: ‘Effectively, we need to publish an article.’

PG: ‘Effectively, I’ll see you in courtroom then.’ (Laughing)

Name made on July 17, 2018

DF has requested Sir Philip to reply by 2pm the following day (Wednesday).

PG: ‘Hear, we don’t must have an unnecessarily ugly punch-up will we. There’s loads of stuff in your electronic mail. So inform your editor to get clever. We want a few days and we’ll reply totally to your electronic mail. What’s your man’s rush? What distinction is in the future going to make? You’re making statements about me personally and about Arcadia. There are accusations in there that might be very, very, very damaging.’

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Second name made on July 17

PG: ‘Take this message again to your editor, please, so we don’t need to have a punch-up. I’ll personally sue your editor for damages that can be lengthy past what he’ll be capable of earn if he lived to 1,000 years previous. Get sensible. I informed you, you’re making very damaging allegations – 30,000, 25-30,000 individuals concerned, there’s tens of millions of shoppers concerned, and for those who injury the enterprise he’s going to wish a brand new job. And your paper would possibly find yourself bankrupt as nicely. He’s impolite, you’re being well mannered, inform him simply to get some manners. I’ll have pleasure in bankrupting him.’

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PG: ‘Inform your editor I don’t need to waste a load of his cash, my cash, or anyone else’s cash making use of for an injunction. You’re not going tomorrow until we’re prepared. Let’s be clear. We’ll strive for tomorrow nevertheless it’s not prone to be all executed till Thursday.’

DF: ‘To be honest, it’s the paper’s resolution after we select to publish. We don’t need to have permission from individuals.’

PG: ‘Would you like me to go search an injunction? I’m blissful to do it. I’ve bought one towards the Authorities and I’ll get one towards you. What’s your editor’s f****** rush, is he occurring vacation? I don’t actually give a f*** about your editor, how about that? Simply inform your editor get sensible or we’re simply all going to waste a load of cash for no cause. We’re not operating away, we’re going to reply to your electronic mail intimately. Should you consider you’re going to have the ability to publish tomorrow, you’re residing in a dream land.’

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Third name made on July 17

PG: ‘Am I your new greatest good friend?’

DF: ‘I don’t learn about that however I’ve put what you mentioned to the editor about Thursday 2pm and he’s agreed to that now.’ Sir Philip: ‘That wasn’t too sophisticated, was it?’


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