Offering additional proof that something could be purchased, moon rock pebbles have bought at public sale for $855,000—the one fragments collected from the floor of the moon to have been legally bought.

CollectSpace stories a Nov. 29 Sotheby’s public sale of area exploration gadgets netted greater than $2.5 million in gross sales. The extraordinary public sale included images taken of the lunar and martian floor; rocket blueprints; fashions utilized by NASA; celestial globes; Yuri Gagarin’s autograph; spacesuits; spacecraft portholes and devices; a Soviet zero-gravity chess set; Undertaking Mercury flight manuals; spacesuits; a flight panel from the Soviet Union’s Vostok spacecraft; the voice-recorder cataloging the flight of first girl astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova, and work of extraterrestrial landscapes by Norman Rockwell, Chesley Bonestell and astronaut Alan Bean.

rockwell-painting-auction-moon-rocks-nasa A portray by Norman Rockwell depicting the Apollo 11 moon touchdown. Sotheby’s

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Moon Rocks For Sale

However the greatest sale of the day was, as Sotheby’s describes it, “the one identified documented samples of the moon out there for personal possession.”

moon-rocks-soviet-sale The one rocks collected from the lunar floor that it is authorized to personal. Sotheby’s

Collected in Sept. 1970, by the primary robotic probe to land on the moon, the Soviet Union’s Luna-16, the three pebbles—or soil particles, because the metallic base on the show case reads, in Russian—are mounted beneath glass, with an adjustable magnifying lens over prime. The three pebbles mixed weigh roughly .0007 ounces, or concerning the weight of a raindrop.

The moon rocks had been previously owned by Nina Ivanovna Koroleva, widow of Soviet area program director Sergei Pavlovich Korolev, who obtained them in recognition of her late husband’s work. Koroleva auctioned the moon rocks at Sotheby’s in 1993. They had been bought to a non-public collector, who resold them on Nov. 29 to one more personal collector.

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Though NASA’s lunar missions returned greater than 842 kilos of moon rock to Earth, it’s unlawful for personal residents to personal any of it (lunar meteorites, nevertheless, are completely authorized). As a substitute, lunar samples had been used as goodwill presents to 135 international locations and every of the 50 states.

This hasn’t stopped a black market in moon rocks gifted to overseas leaders, and even moon mud scraped off soiled spacesuits. In 1998, customs brokers seized a fingernail-sized moon rock, initially gifted to Honduras by Richard Nixon, after a Florida man tried to promote the rock to undercover officers for $5 million.

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The black marketplace for moon rocks isn’t the one oddity swirling round NASA’s closely-held moon materials. In 2009, the Dutch nationwide museum found {that a} moon rock gifted to the prime minister in 1969 by the USA was not from the moon in any respect. It was, as an alternative, petrified wooden. The reason for the mix-up stays a thriller.

gemini-spacesuit-nasa-auction A Gemini spacesuit worn by U.S. Air Drive officer MItchell Kanowski. Sotheby’s

The second-largest sale on the Nov. 29 public sale was a spacesuit used within the Mercury area program, which bought for $162,500. It’s the solely identified NASA spacesuit in personal fingers.


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